Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Unique Investment Vehicles for Retirement Plans in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi

A proper Investment Vehicles for Retirement Plans in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi is the most important issue of life, which helps us in meeting the needs in our future, especially in retire life. The investment can be various types and nature, therefore; the support of a qualified and experienced financial consultant or agent is of great importance in selecting the best option to get the highest return with additional benefits on the invested amount. In UAE, the expats are the majority of the working strata and their wealth management is a prime issue in the country because these people are keen to have the maximum tax exemption or benefits, as well as, security of the investments, in any form. Investment Vehicles UAE are consist of various options, such as; direct equity, Mutual Funds, Insurance Policies and Exchanged Traded Funds etc., which are capable of providing exceptional returns and also other support services. The wealth care management groups or individuals have in-depth knowledge about the financial market and also carry vast experience of suggesting the best option, according to the needs and ability of the potential investor/s. These kinds of investment portfolios are being structured in such a way that the investor can meet up his or her requirements, be it for Education Fee Planning  of the child or medical expenses, which are the principal reasons of the popularity of these schemes among expat workers.

A Brief Outline of Corporate Insurance
It is hard to find a person in this world, who is not willing to plan for the retirement because everybody is keen to live a comfortable life, without any hindrance, after their retirement. In UAE, where the government regulated pension schemes are yet to take place; there is corporate planning for expat workers served the purpose. While the absence of government Pension Plan UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi is a vital issue; there are some banks and financial institutions actively dedicated to take care of the interest of expats about their Retirement Planning Dubai,UAE and Abu Dhabi with some structured solution. The corporate houses are also provide some incentives or support, apart from general gratuity schemes, to retain the workforce under their portfolio.

Corporate Pension Plan UAE, is almost a private initiative and structured in such a way; where the company pay for the employee and this is been done with the very intention of retaining the person because the dearth of workforce is a constant problem for these corporate houses. The other reason of corporate pension is aiming to protect the business itself by getting the Key Man Life Insurance Policy, which protects the owner of their future business activities and its continuity. As in the case of life insurance of any individual, the key man insurance is taking care of the business and its entire activities, in the event of sudden or untimely death of the key person of the particular business entity and this is the reason this scheme is also known as Key Person Insurance. Although there are certain issues, which are being considered before paying insured amount but at the same time, it provides lots of support for the business house and a sense of relief to continue the business.


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